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Two-component elastic polymer-cement waterproofing compound


Supreme water-repellency. High elasticity Excellent adhesion.
Used for waterproofing of balconies, bathrooms, potable water reservoirs and similar, before their coating with ceramics. Hidrofob elastic 2K is waterproof with positive and negative water pressure of up to 1.5 bars. It is designed for indoor and outdoor use, before laying of ceramics in combination with Hibrofob elastic tape. EN 14891 CM 01 cement waterproof product with improved crack-bridging at low temperature (- 5oC).

Substrate Preparation

Substrate has to be hard, dry, free of dust, grease and other impurities. Suitable substrates include substrates made of cement mortar, cement-lime mortar, treated with levelling compounds, concrete. Cement and cement-lime mortar substrates should dry for at least 1 day for each mm of thickness (T=20°C, rel. humidity 65%), whereas concrete surfaces should dry for at least one month. Application of PODLOGA KONCENTRAT primer is needed (dilution ratio: PODLOGA KONCENTRAT: water=1:3) before the application of material. PODLOGA KVARC is recommended as pre-coating for smooth, low-absorption concretes. The primers represent, at the same time, a bridge binding the substrate and the applied material, creating a stronger bond and reducing consumption of material.


Blending is done by gently adding component A to component B, and by mixing them using an electric mixer until homogeneous compound is obtained free of lumps. The working time of the mixed compound is cca. 1 hour.

Waterproofing under ceramic or stone coverings

To achieve full waterproofness of the targeted surface, mixed material should be applied in at least two, and if necessary, in three layers. The thickness of each layer 1-2 mm on the entire surface, with the total thickness not exceeding 5 mm. Every next coating is applied using a brush on the previously hardened layer (drying: 5-6 hours), with first layer applied in one direction, and the second layer applied vertically to the first layer. Make sure that full surface coverage is obtained with each layer. At critical points (corners, wall joints, floor joints and similar) use appropriate tapes (Hidrofob Elastic Tape and Hidrofob Elastic Tape Plus) just like auxiliary elements (Hidrofob Internal Angle, Hidrofob External Angle and Collars). Breaks in concrete, cracks and other damages should be repaired using appropriate sealing material (permanently elastic putty and similar). On surfaces larger than 25m2, the first layer of Hidrofob Elastic 2K should be reinforced using glass mesh 160g and expansion breaks should be ensured. Installation of the mesh is also obligatory for waterproofing of pools, water reservoirs, heavily loaded areas just like areas with micro cracks. Overlapping of at least 10cm is obligatory at mesh joints.

Negative Pressure Waterproofing

For full surface waterproofing, at least two, and if necessary, three layers of previously mixed compound need to be applied, evenly on the entire surface. The thickness of each layer is 1-2 mm. The first layer is applied using a brush, with glass mesh (160 gr) pressed into the material while it is still wet, with overlapping (min. 10 cm) at joints. The second layer is applied transversally to the hardened coating.

Positive Pressure Waterproofing

In this case, at least three waterproofing layers need to be applied, with reinforcement done in the second layer. Overlapping of at least 10cm is obligatory at mesh joints. Each layer will be applied on previously hardened layer. Thickness of each layer 1-2 mm (max. thickness of all three layers 5 mm)


≈ 3-5 kg/m2 for two coats


small set = 7 kg (“A” 5.25 kg + “B” 1.75 kg)
big set = 28 kg (“A” 21 kg + “B” 7 kg)



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