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You want to reduce the heating expenses that make as much as up to 75% of expenses for energy-generating products in your overhead expenses? The solutions should take the direction of an overall house/building insulation.

The prices of insulation materials are decreasing, the prices of energy-generating products are increasing, how to make the right choice in the ocean of offers, formulas and calculations?

There is a very simple formula! Choose Certified Façade Systems!

What is a certified façade system?
One of the most frequent ways to satisfy the requirement of energy savings and thermal protection of exterior walls is the use of the related ETICS system (External Thermal Insulation Composite System ) To ensure functionality, perfect compatibility of components of the entire system just like professional work planning and performance are important.

COLORIT is able to offer two Certified Façade System to you:

With finishing façades available in 1,000 shades.
By installing the certified ETICS system of COLORIT you will be provided with an opportunity to have a up-to-10-year warranty.


Colorit Therm


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