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Dispersive impregnation


Deep. Colourless.
Basic colourless coating before application of façade and interior paints, skimming compounds, mineral and acrylic façade materials, construction adhesives. Penetrates deep into the substrate, evens it out and strengthens it. It creates a good bond between the old and the new material. It reduces consumption of finishing materials. Diluted with water at a ratio of 1:3 (Podloga koncentrat: water).

Substrate Preparation

Substrate has to be hard, free of dust, grease and other impurities. Cement and cement-lime mortar should dry for at least 1 day for each mm of thickness (T=20°C, rel. humidity 65%) , whereas concrete surfaces should dry for at least one month. Uneven surfaces should be levelled out using appropriate material. Hot water jet or steam wash is recommended to perform additional cleaning. Surfaces contaminated with algae and fungi should be remediated before the primer and finishing material are applied. (treat the entire wall surface with ALGOSTOP, not only the spots with algae and fungi).


Before application, PODLOGA KONCENTRAT should be mixed thoroughly and then diluted with water at a ratio of PODLOGA KONCENTRAT: water = 1:3. In case of highly absorbent walls, two coats of PODLOGA KONCENTRAT are recommended. It is applied using trowel with long fibres or brush. The drying time of the PODLOGA KONCENTRAT is around 6 hours, after which the application of finishing materials may start. Optimal air and wall temperatures during work and drying should be from + 50C up to + 300C, and relative humidity should be under 80%. Use protective sheeting for scaffolds during application. Do not work in wind, rain, fog or in direct sun. Wash tools with water immediately after use. Primer in its original, well sealed and undamaged packaging that is not diluted with water may be kept for a subsequent use.


1 l ≈ 10-15 m2, depending on the substrate absorption and roughness.


1 l bottle, 12 pieces = 12 l
5 l container, 105 pieces, 1 pallet = 525 l



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