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Colourless biocide agent for destroying wall algae and fungi


Colourless ready-to-use biocide agent. It is used for destroying algae and fungi on wall surfaces in indoor and outdoor exploitation conditions, before applying the finishing coat or façade. The dose recommended for application: 1 litre of product is sufficient for application on 5-8 m2 of contaminated surface (the dose depends on the surface roughness, absorption and contamination)

Substrate Preparation

Before application, external contaminated surfaces should be flushed with water, and internal should be wiped with damp cloth. After drying, simply shake ALGO STOP and apply it on surfaces.


It is applied using a trowel or a brush in three layers according to the wet-to-wet principle. In case of heavily contaminated surfaces, it is recommended to repeat the procedure after 12-24 hours. Surfaces disinfected this way should dry for 24-48 hours, after which decorative coatings or façades may be applied. The recommended working temperature during remediation of contaminated surfaces should be between 10 and 35 °C. Do not work in rain, fog, wind, nor in conditions of relative humidity over 65%.

Time required for the biocide to start working: In normal conditions (temperature 20°C and relative humidity 65%) it is 24-48 hours, after which finishing decorative materials may be applied.

Period of prohibition of access to a treated surface: For as long as the treated surface has completely dried, i.e. in normal conditions (temperature 20°C and relative humidity 65%) from 24-48 hours. Lower temperature and higher air humidity rate may prolong the period of drying.


1 kg ≈ 5 - 8 m2, zdepending on surface absorption and roughness.


0.5 l bottle, 12 pieces, 1 box = 6l
5 l container



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