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Harmony of intensive whiteness and coverage.
Water-dilutable paint for interior walls. Matt finishing coat and high level of whiteness. Good covering power. Good vapour permeability. Easy to use. Resistant to dry cleaning. Ecological paint – very low content of volatile organic compounds. Available in a number of shades in the Colorit mix scheme.

Substrate Preparation

The substrate should be hard, dry and clean, free of dust, grease and oil. Old and loose paint should be removed mechanically. Uneven surfaces should be levelled using GLET C or GLET-P products for interior wall skimming. Before application of MOLERIN CLASSIC, walls should be cleaned and impregnated with PODLOGA KONCENTRAT primer (dilution ratio: PODLOGA KONCENTRAT water=1:3). The drying time of the PODLOGA KONCENTRAT is around 6 hours, after which the application of the first layer of MOLERIN CLASSIC may start. In case of very dirty walls or when covering dark shades, application of PODLOGA PRAKTIK primer is recommended.


Before its application, MOLERIN CLASSIC should be diluted with water (cca. 10-15%), after which the entire volume should be homogenized by mixing to achieve adequate consistency. MOLERIN CLASSIC may be tinted by adding POLITON (max. 200 g per 25 kg of paint) and within the Colorit mix system. The second layer of material is applied on the completely dried first layer. The drying time between the two layers should be from 4 to 6 hours.

MOLERIN CLASSIC is applied using rollers with short fibres or brushes in two layers. To avoid shade variations due to the tying of surfaces, it is necessary to wok without interruptions on wall surfaces. Wash tools with water immediately after use.

Air and wall temperatures during work and drying should be from +10°C up to +30°C, and relative humidity should be under 80%. In case of painting of large surfaces using the same shade, the shade should be equalized in a container that is big enough depending on the quantity of material.


1 kg = 3 -3.5m2 for double-layer coating


3 kg container, 120 pieces, 1 pallet = 360 kg
8 kg container, 60 pieces, 1 pallet = 480 kg
15 kg container, 33 pieces, 1 pallet = 495 kg
25 kg container, 24 pieces, 1 pallet = 600 kg



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