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UV stable. Akronal is dispersive paint intended for painting and surface protection of vertical exterior concrete surfaces, just like other cement-bound façade surfaces. Good adhesion to substrates, durable in variable weather conditions, vapour-permeable and resistant to UV rays. Ecological paint – very low content of volatile organic compounds. Colours: white, yellow, ochre, red, oxide red, green, blue, brown, grey, black. Other colours according to customers’ wishes from the Colorit Colour Card (over 500 colours) for a minimum quantity of 200 kg.

Substrate Preparation

Substrate needs to be well prepared removing loose parts, grease, impurity, formwork oil remains and similar. Hot water jet or steam wash is recommended to perform additional cleaning. Surfaces contaminated with algae and fungi should be remediated before the paint is applied. (treat the entire wall surface with ALGOSTOP, not only the spots with algae and fungi). Cement and cement-lime mortar substrates should dry for at least 1 day for each mm of thickness (T=20°C, rel. humidity 65%), whereas concrete surfaces should dry for at least one month. Smooth concrete surfaces should be impregnated with PODLOGA KVARC primer. Alternative base coats include PODLOGA UNIVERSAL or PODLOGA KONCENTRAT. Those primers represent, at the same, time a bridge binding the substrate and the applied material, creating a stronger bond and reducing consumption of material.


AKRONAL should be diluted with no more than 10% of water after which the entire volume should be homogenized by mixing to obtain appropriate consistency. AKRONAL is applied using rollers with long fibres or brushes in at least two layers. To avoid shade variations due to the tying of surfaces, it is necessary to work without interruptions on wall surfaces. Note: Adding water for dilution purposes will reduce the covering power of the paint. The second layer of material is applied on the completely dried first layer. The drying time between the two layers should be from 4 to 6 hours. (T=20°C, rel.humidity 65%). Work should not be performed in windy and rainy weather conditions, and in direct sun. Use protective sheets during application of material. Optimal air and wall temperatures during work and drying should be from +5°C up to +25°C, and relative humidity should be under 80%. Do not work in wind, rain, for or in direct sun. Wash tools with water immediately after use. Paint in its original, well sealed and undamaged packaging that is not diluted with water may be kept for a subsequent use.


1 kg = 2.5-3.5 m2 for double-layer coating


1kg container, 12 pieces, 1 box = 12 kg
5 kg container, 60 pieces, 1 pallet = 300 kg
25 kg container, 24 pieces, 1 pallet = 600 kg



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