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Adhesive for parquet flooring


Excellent adhesion on substrate.
One-component adhesive made on the basis of polyvinyl acetate binders. Used for gluing classic and inlaid parquet to concrete and wood surfaces. Its properties include excellent adhesion to substrates and easy installation.

Substrate Preparation

Substrate has to be hard, dry, free of dust, grease and other impurities. Cement and cement-lime mortar substrates should dry for at least 1 day for each mm of thickness (T=20°C, rel. humidity 65%), whereas concrete surfaces should dry for at least one month. Maximum moisture content of concrete surface should be up to 3%, and up to 8% for wood surfaces. Moisture content of parquet flooring should be within the limits of 8-10%.


We recommend application of PODLOGA KVARC 24 hours before the gluing of parquet flooring. PVA-FIX should be mixed gently and applied using a notched spatula in a layer of average thickness of 1 mm. Parquet flooring is then laid and firmly pressed. Polishing of parquet flooring may be performed after 24 hours (T=200C ± 20C, rel.air humidity≈60%). It is very important not to apply a large amount of adhesive to avoid the drying of its surface Optimal air and surface temperature from +50C up to +300C. Relative humidity under 70%.


≈1,3 kg/m2


1 kg container, 12 pieces, 1 box = 12 kg
5 kg container, 60 pieces, 1 pallet = 300 kg
25 kg container, 24 pieces, 1 pallet = 600 kg



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