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Flexible adhesive for styrofoam, styrodur and mineral wool


One-component powdery compound based on mineral fillers, cement, polymeric binders and necessary additives. It is used as glue for mineral wool, styrodur, styrofoam and serves, also, for the installation of reinforcement mesh on above-mentioned thermal-insulation materials. Exceptional bonding power on different substrates. It makes an integral part of the COLORIT THERM MW thermal façade system according to ETAG 004 (ETA-17/0014).

Substrate Preparation

Substrate has to be hard, dry, free of dust, grease and other impurities. Major cracks on the wall have to be filled using appropriate mortar, rather than applying a thicker layer of binder. Smooth concrete surfaces should be impregnated with PODLOGA KVARC product.


Use a 25 kg bag of UNIFIX per cca. 5.5 l of water and mix using a slow-speed mixer until a homogeneous compound is obtained. Leave such material to rest for about 5 minutes and then mix it again. The compound’s working time is around 2-3 hours. Gluing: Before the start of gluing, the initial aluminium lath needs to be laid and an appropriate quantity of adhesive should be applied thereon to ensure sealing from the bottom, after which the first layer of thermal insulation boards is laid. Adhesive should be applied along the edges in stripes of the width of cca. 5 cm and in 3 central stripes or 4-6 spots on styrofoam and XPS. The surface of the applied adhesive must not be under 40%.

When gluing mineral wool, the adhesive is applied on the entire surface using a notched trowel with a notch depth of 5-8 cm. Boards prepared this way are attached to the wall. Thermal insulation boards are glued one next to another sufficiently close to each other to prevent the adhesive from entering the contact surfaces between the boards. The boards in adjacent rows are glued, according to brick ties (with a minimum space of 30 cm compared to the new row). The evenness of thermal insulation boards is verified using a lath of appropriate length.

Before the placement of anchors, the styrofoam should be drilled using appropriate tools at all points where the anchors will be placed, after which the anchors are placed (6-8 pcs/m2, on verticals 8 to 12 pcs/m2) at styrofoam ties and centre, and then EPS plugs are pushed in. A completely even surface is, thus, obtained before the installation of reinforcing mesh. This procedure prevents appearance of bumps on anchor points and prevents appearing of stains due to uneven absorption and water discharge. The joints between the boards that are wider than 2 mm should be filled with thermal insulation material (styrofoam, XPS or mineral wool) that is applied by cutting belts of appropriate thickness and their pressing into such spots or by using low-expansion PUR foam.

Installation of reinforcing mesh. Before installing reinforcement mesh, the building corners and the edges surrounding openings should be additionally strengthened using appropriate angle profiles. Adhesive is applied on the installed thermal insulation board using a notched trowel with notches of min. 6 mm (8 mm for wool), across the entire surface. Glass mesh is placed on the applied adhesive and pressed gently to remain in the upper adhesive zone. The glass mesh is pressed moving from up- down and has to be visible, rather then completely covered with the adhesive. After the first layer has dried, (cca. 1 day for 1 mm of thickness at the temperature of +20°C and rel. air humidity of 65%), apply the second layer of adhesive using the flat trowel until the glass mesh is completely covered with the adhesive. The base coat thickness for styrofoam and XPS should be 2-3 cm, and the second layer should be 1-1.5 mm thick. In case of mineral wool, the base coat should be 3-4 cm thick, and the second layer should be 2 mm thick. Mesh overlapping of at least 10 cm must be ensured. Optimal air and wall temperatures during work and drying should be from +5°C up to +25°C. Avoid working in direct sun, wind and rain. Use protective sheets during application. Wash tools with water immediately after use.

For detailed instructions, see Technical Data Sheet for the product.


EPS Gluing = 4.5 - 5.5 kg/m2
Installation of reinforcing mesh: = 4- 5 kg/m2
MW Gluing = 5 -7 kg/m2
Installation of reinforcing mesh: = 5-7 kg/m2


bags of 25 kg, 48 pieces, 1 pallet = 1,200 kg



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