MOLERIN LATEX - interior satin color

Molerin Latex is a washable interior semi-gloss Paint intended for protection and decoration of Interior walls. Used on surfaces where there is requirement for a paint with satin shine and excellent resistance to wet rubbing. Undercoat must be solid, clean, without greases and impurities, must not be "patched" with some other material, i.e. it should be even. Otherwise, any flaws will be more visible than with classic matt colors. Prior to application the wall must be impregnated by Undercoat-C diluted with water in 1:1 ratio. Molerin Latex is mixed and if necessary diluted with water up to 5%. It is applied equally in two layers, with final roller moves in the same direction in order to achieve visually even color. Drying time between layers is 4-5 hours.

- 130-140 ml/m² for one layer on a smooth surface
- 180-200 ml/m² for two layers on a smooth surface

Working and drying temperature: over + 5ºC



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