MRAMORFIX - white flexible adhesive

Mramorfix is a flexible white construction adhesive, intended for gluing marble, granite, stone, ceramic tiles and similar in interior and exterior exploitation conditions. Mramorfix is suitable for laying ceramics for floor heating and tile on tile gluing. Undercoat preparation: undercoat must be solid, dry, free of dust, greases and other impurities. We do not recommend gluing to undercoats such as wood, metal and similar, or to surfaces made of cement, where drying of the material has not been completed. Application: Mramorfix is to be applied by a serrated float to the undercoat, and then the tiles are placed and need to be pressed well, so that adhesive to tile grip should be minimum 60% for interior ceramics and minimum 90% for exterior ceramics. If tile is placed on tile, the old tiles must be thoroughly cleaned, slightly ragged (especially the glazed ones) and then the quartz undercoat should be applied. New tiles should be laid after 24 hours.

Consumption: app 3 - 4 kg/ m²

Working and drying temperature: from +5ºC to + 30ºC


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