UNIFIX - flexible adhesive for styrofoam, rock wool, styrodur

Unifix is a single-component powder compound produced on the basis of mineral fillings, hydraulic and polymer binders as well as necessary additives. Unifix is a flexible adhesive for styrofoam, rock (mineral) wool, styrodur. Recommended also for net reinforcement when so-called demit facade is installed. To be applied on the edge and diagonally on the thermal-insulation panel with 2cm layer thickness and 5 cm width. Panel prepared in this manner is attached to the wall. UNIFIX adhesive is applied on the attached panel (2-3 mm thickness), net is imprinted and covered again with UNIFIX adhesive. We recommend additional anchoring by screw anchors of appropriate length (4-5 pc/ m²).

- app 4.5 kg/m² for gluing
- app 3.5 kg/m² for net reinforcement

Working and drying temperature: from + 5ºC to + 30ºC


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