Fer concrete-C is a single-component powder compound made on the basis of quartz and additives, and is used for improving of quality of the surface layer of fresh concrete. Used at locations where heavy load is expected (garages, warehouses, hangars, workshops and similar...). By using Fer concrete - C we achieve excellent resistance to wear, slipping, impacts, as well as an esthetically nice surface and long life. Application: Fer concrete-C is installed by "dry on fresh" system. It is added on concrete (minimum brand MB 30) which only started to bond. It is applied manually or by machine in 2-3 mm thickness. The finishing is performed by rotating floats (helicopters) up to complete smoothing of surface. Edge parts are finalized manually by float. The surface needs to be protected from sun, wind and freezing for the first few days, using PE foil, sprinkling or coating by agents for slowing down concrete drying. Dilatation pointing is cut after 2-6 days. Field surface should be 20-30 m². Pointing width of 6-8 mm is filled by permanently elastic putty. Full weight may be applied after 14 days.

Consumption: app 5 kg/ m²

Working and drying temperature: from +5ºC to + 30ºC


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