KERAFUG-C compound for pointing of ceramic tiles - water-resistant

Kerafug-C is a powder compound produced on the basis of hydraulic and polymer binders, adequate fillings, pigments and additives. It is specific for excellent surface solidness and the so-called lotus effect, i.e. good water-resistance. Recommended for pointing of floor and wall ceramic tiles, of stone in exterior and interior exploitation conditions where width of pointing does not exceed 8 mm. It is not intended for filling of dilatation pointing. Undercoat preparation: Surface to be pointed needs to be clean, dry and without residues of hardened adhesive. To 2 kg of Kerafug-C we add 0.5 - 0.6 l of water, leave the compound for app. 5 minutes and then mix it again. Kreafug-C is imprinted into the pointing by rubber spatula. After 10-15 minutes we carefully wipe of the remains of pointing compound on the tiles, and then clean it with a dry cloth. Available in 16 shades.

Consumption: app 0.5 - 0.7 kg/ m²

Working and drying temperature: from +5ºC to + 30ºC


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