HYDROPHOB - cement hydro-insulation compound

Hydrophob is produced on the basis of cement, Fillings and special additives for hydrophobness. Hidrofob is a compound for hydro-insulation of damp walls, basement areas, concrete walls, structures where protection from dampness is required and similar. Udercoat must be solid, dry, free of dust and non-bound particles. We add 5 kg of Hidrofob into app. 1.3 l of water, mix with electrical mixer. Let stand for 5 minutes, and then mix again. The undercoat to which the compound is applied needs to be previously wetted with water. Hidrofob is to be applied in two-three layers on a previously hardened layer. The applied material must not freeze, be exposed to direct sunlight, wind or rain.

Consumption: app 4 -6 kg/ m²

Working and drying temperature: from +5ºC to + 30ºC


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