Algostop is a biocide for elimination of algae and mould in interior and exterior exploitation conditions. Algostop is a biocide we use for elimination of wide spectrum of algae and moulds on interior and exterior surfaces (concrete, mineral undercoats, wood). Preparation and application: Prior to use, external infected surfaces are flushed, and the interior ones wiped with a wet cloth. When the surface is dry we apply Algostop previously diluted with water in 1:1 ratio. Algostop is applied by roller or brush, so that the infected surfaces are coated by three layers by "wet to wet" system. Surfaces disinfected in this manner need to dry (for 10 to 15 hours), and then new decorative coatings or facades may be applied. Algostop cannot be mixed directly into coatings or facades.

Consumption: 1 l of diluted Algostop (1:1 with water) for 5 - 8 m²

Working and drying temperature: from +5ºC to + 35ºC


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