Check our cataloque for 2014.

Our new supplier from Italy
Our excellent quality products will fulfill all your expectation. Facades for houses, buildings, commercial buildings. We are manufacturing quality semidispersive colors for interior work, as well as dispersion paints for facade, acrylic, silicone, silicone facade paint, and paint for concrete. Kerafex, Hirofa, Rodofas are authentic Colorit Banja Luka products.

boje i fasade

Wholesale for our clients in Europe, USA, Asia. We have exelent price quality ratio. Please contact us for prices.

Check our cataloque for 2014.

Our new supplier from Italy

New equipment instalattion in our factory.
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Facades and Paints

Colorit Banja luka

More than 16 years of experience. Our products are made in acordance with Europian standards. They are eco friendly.

House Facades

Naš proizvodni program fasada ce zadovoljiti sve Vaše potrebe. House Facades. Facades for commercial buildings, condominiums.

Interior Colours

Great quality interior colours for new walls, or renovations. Our facade colours are made in acordance with all Europian standards.


Manufacturer for adhesives for all purposes. Made from quality components, our adhesives are synonymous with quality.

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